Masculine Objectivity Bag (olive green)
Masculine Objectivity Bag (Detail)

Masculine Objectivity Bag (olive green)



Robert Waters, 2013

Limited edition of 25, signed and dated by the artist.

Hand silkscreened tote bag, 100% cotton, 41 x 37.5 cm, made especially for The Container. The work explores the artist’s long-standing interest with structures of masculinity and sexuality. The grid uses images of men taken from vintage muscle magazines (beefcake) and combines them to create an intertwined lattice, demonstrating the conjunction of subjective individuals to create an objective, or social, pattern.

Robert Waters is a Canadian artist living in Spain. His artistic practice relates aesthetic experience to human existence to explore our ongoing evolution in post-industrial society. Beyond corporeal change, he uses art to examine social and epistemological transformation with the intent of enlightening processes of human domestication and restraint. His work investigates our desire as humans for transcendence from biological limitation, concentrating on perceived divisions of body and mind, or matter and cognition.

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