Brainwaves Drawing Set

Brainwaves Drawing Set



Hideki Nakazawa, 2013

Limited edition of 20, signed & dated by the artist.

A special set of promotional materials for the artist’s well-regarded Brain Drawing project from 2006. The set, compiled together especially for The Container, includes the following:

1) “Brainwaves Drawing No. 1-20” with artist’s autograph [Anthology – Poster: A1] (Jap/Eng)

2) “Studies for Brainwaves Drawing” [Anthology – Booklet: B5] (Jap/Eng)

3) “Brainwaves Drawing” [Cartulary – Leaflet: A4] (Jap/Eng) Fuchu Art Museum

4) “Brainwaves Drawing” [Announcement – Flyer: B5] (only Jap) Fuchu Art Museum

5) Note for “Brainwaves Drawing Set” [Leaflet: A4] (Jap/Eng)

Hideki Nakazawa is one of Japan’s most important conceptual artists. Influenced by systemic painting and conceptual art of the 60s and 70s, Hideki Nakazawa’s works forge a connection between structures, mathematics, digital technology and graphics to create pieces that have been challenging the Japanese art scene since the early 1990s. His persistent preoccupation with the systematic techniques he develops and explores to produce his art, established a new movement in contemporary Japanese art coined by Nakazawa as “Methodicism”. These inventions, taking form in method paintings, patents, writings, and software invention have been fuelling Nakazawa’s art ever since and eloquently bridge between Dadaist notions such as Kurt Schwitters’ cut and paste techniques and his Ursonate music compositions, Sol Lewitt’s conceptual structures, and the Superflat works of the likes of Murakami.

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