The Menu of Jintaimori No.1
The Menu of Jintaimori No.1

The Menu of Jintaimori No.1



Hiryu Okamura & Yu Ota, 2013

Limited edition of 5, signed & dated by the artist.

This work is a record of performance that I did in shibuhouse in order to place “Nyotaimori” as performance art.

“Nyotaimori” (also known as “body sushi”) emerged in the red-light district of Edo period in Japan. During the high economic growth period of Japan, Nyotaimori was practiced as part of the sexual services one can order in hot-spring hotels. However, due to the collapse of the bubble economy, Nyotaimori gradually diappeared.

I feel sad at the current situation, so in cooperation with the cook Okamura Hiryu, we have devised food courses combined with a performance art of “Nyotaimori”, using untraditional poses and ingredients.

This poster is measuring 180 x105 cm and presenting the course of raw meat on a female’s body (Yu Ota).

Shibuhouse is a young loose collective from Tokyo Japan which was formed in 2008 and includes 20-some members. The members, who are engaged in various disciplines – from visual art practitioners, to medical students, publishers, producers, designers, film makers and musicians – all share a house together in the busy neighbourhood of Shibuya in central Tokyo.

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